The Beginner 5K Training Program is designed to help those who want to run a 5K for their first time, their first time in a while, or are recovering from an injury.

This is a walk to jogging program that is designed for the beginning runner (people not physically active) or for someone coming back to running after an extended break (a year or more). Members choosing this program will gradually build up from a walking/jogging structure to feeling confident physically and mentally about running the 5K at the conclusion of the program.

Your training sessions are designed so that we do not push you so hard that you get injured or become discouraged and don't want to come back! It takes you through the process at a pace that you can cope with without you feeling exhausted at the end of each training. This group is broken out into smaller pace groups so that each group allows you to vary the pace to suit your fitness levels. Each training session will last approximately 30-60 mins.



Each class will start with a structured warm-up, followed by a structured stretching program after each class.


Outside, of course! Yes, it's true, we run outside in the heat, cold, sun, rain, snow, and sleet... all year round. Many of our groups utilize the beautiful Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, which is across the street from Scranton Running Company. We may also run the streets of Scranton. 


Spring Session Begins:
Saturday, April 27th

Last Training Day:
Wednesday, June 19th

Optional Culmination Race:
Stronger than the Storm
Sunday, June 23rd


3 Weekly Coached Runs
●  SATURDAY: 8:00 AM
●  MONDAY: 6:00 PM

Registration Fee: $50
(does not include race entry fee)