The Intermediate Training program is designed to progressively build longer distances.

This program offers pace groups for various abilities, ranging from 8:00 min/miles to 14:00 min/miles.

For safety reasons, in order to join the Intermediate Program you must CURRENTLY be able to run a 5K WITHOUT ANY WALKING while easily maintaining a 14:00 minute mile.  

If you can't yet run a 5K while EASILY maintaining that pace, we suggest you join the Beginner 5K program so that you can build your stamina at a slightly faster pace.

The Intermediates Program is composed of two main sections.

Section 1 offers a more advanced program for someone who wants to increase their mileage and overall fitness. This group will be introduced to speed workouts structured to improve overall speed, endurance, and strength while running. Each training session will last approximately 45-90 mins. The pace groups rage from 8:00 to 11:30 minute miles.

Section 2 work best for someone who has successfully completed the “Beginner 5K” program and has run a 5K. It fits well for those looking for a more structured training plan or those hoping to increase their mileage and overall fitness. Each training session will last approximately 30-90 mins. The pace groups range from 12:00 to 14:00 minute miles.


Each class will start with a structured warm-up followed by a structured stretching program after each class. The Tues & Thurs classes will also include strengthening exercises including core exercises, squats, lunges, and a variety of other exercises to enhance your running.


Outside, of course! Yes, it's true, we run outside in the heat, cold, sun, rain, snow, and sleet... all year round. Many of our groups utilize the beautiful Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, which is across the street from Scranton Running Company. Other groups may also run the streets of Scranton.


Winter Session Begins:
Tues, November 19th

Last Training Day
Thurs, January 9th

Optional Culmination Race:
Shiver by the River 10k, 5k, 2mi Walk

3 Weekly Coached Runs
●  SATURDAY: 8:30 AM

Registration Fee: $35
(does not include race entry fee)