The Barrier Breakers Walking Program is an open, motivating group geared to all levels of walkers. 

The Walking Program is strictly walking, and is designed for someone who wants to be active and healthy and chooses walking to meet that goal. There will be coaches providing support and guidance along your journey of increased endurance, speed, health, and the basic enjoyment of walking.

Among some of the best qualities of walking, the best by far, are its abilities to be both simple and social.

If you are currently a member of Barrier Breakers Running Programs, or join the Beginner 5K training program and find that it is too challenging for your current fitness level, you may transfer into the walking program.

So come out and experience all that walking has to offer by joining the Scranton Running Company’s Barrier Breakers Walking Group. Every new experience begins with the first step!


Winter Session Begins:

Mon, November 18th

Last Training Day:

Wed, January 8th

Optional Culmination Race:
Shiver by the River10k, 5k &
2 mile Walk

3 Weekly Coached Walks
●  SATURDAY: 8:30 AM

Registration Fee: $20
(does not include race entry fee)